Crypto-C projects


  • E-mail and chat support 24/7
  • Administering Telegram channels
  • Administering Social networks
  • Voice Support (Inbound and Outbound calls)
  • Work with databases
  • Keeping statistics of incoming appeals
  • Multi-lingual support (European, Asian languages)


Professional processing of every customer request, speed and quality of providing answers every day, at any time - these are the factors that form the attitude of clients to the company, the increase in the number of incoming requests, resolved at the time of the first appeal, and, as a consequence, the increase in the number of clients themselves.

The analysis of incoming requests on such criteria as topics, the ratio of the number of recourses to the time of receipt, the speed of response and the number of requests processed at the time of the client's first appeal helps us to regulate the number of necessary personnel and monitor the quality of their performance of their functions.

Economy is an important factor in every business. The cost of one outsourcing operator is 20% below cost of own operator. In this case, additional employees are required to regulate the work of operators and monitor its quality. Your HR managers will not be looking for people for this job. All responsibilities for organizing and monitoring work, finding and training the necessary personnel are shifted to us.

Technologies. Many years of experience in this area allows our operators to professional work with software of any complexity. It will not be necessary to waste time on mastering the technologies that are required to perform customer support.

Practical experience - in the sphere of support ICO and crypto-currencies exchanges allows our operators to connect to your project immediately. Knowing the intricacies of this area provides an opportunity to give complete and correct answers on customer questions.

Based on eight years’ experience in this area, the Contact Center Dealist Solutions, can offer the maximum benefits for your company. It is flexible support in voice and written communication 24/7 in different languages. We are ready for a quick start to service your business.

Live communication or robots / chat bots / spam.

Live communication is more efficient than spam and chat bots. If you respect your client and his time – don’t limit yourself to template responses. The bot can’t show caring and courtesy to the client, can’t support conversation in a chat with clients and express their own opinion in different situation. Get a detailed answer from a specialist and save time is very important for every client.

Nowadays, aggressive marketing no longer perceived; various spam filters, blocks in the social networks and chats will not give you the result that you need. Administration of social networks, chats and channels in Telegram will allow timely to provide up-to-date information to your customers, monitor their mood, and maintain interest in the product and project.

Reply on comments under the posts in social networks, competitions and technical support - all this can be organized as live and informal communication. Allotted number of agents will be directly depend on your company's needs, and can vary in direct proportion to the number of incoming requests.

Our services

Our services includes:

  1. Supporting the chat on the website - answering questions and processing customer requests;
  2. Distribution and systematization of e-mail - we will process requests that come to the main mailbox, and redirect special requests to relevant e-mail addresses;
  3. Administering the channel / chat in Telegram - our agents will publish current news, maintain a conversation with customers and answer all questions;
  4. Social networks - it is current news, new customers due to the increasing popularity of groups and answers to questions, support in comments and customer care;
  5. Voice support - if your project requires 24/7 voice support in different languages, then we will provide it;
  6. We can also collect or update customer databases and statistics on their recourses.

The experience of our employees on various projects will help you increase the number of your clients, and as a result - sales and investments for your business.

In addition to all we can offer you such services as:

  1. Contact center services
  2. Data entry and processing
  3. Translation services
  4. Transcription

We select the Specialists of Dealist Solutions taking into account all the basic requirements of our customers. We will help you develop and multiply your wealth, your respect and customers. The technical condition of our offices and workplaces will pleasantly surprise you. Safety of the second power supply category and three dedicated Internet channels will provide stable operation under any conditions.We are waiting for your recourse.