Customer Support for ICO, STO, Exchanges


  • Russian - 4,5 EURO / hour
  • English - 5 EURO / hour
  • German - 6 EURO / hour
  • French - 6 EURO / hour
  • Spanish - 6,5 EURO / hour
  • Italian - 6,5 EURO / hour
  • Arabic - 7 EURO / hour
  • Chinese - 9 EURO / hour
  • Korean - 9,5 EURO / hour
  • Japanese - 10 EURO / hour

Professional processing of every customer request, speed and quality of providing answers every day, at any time - these are the factors that form the attitude of clients to the company, the increase in the number of incoming requests, resolved at the time of the first appeal, and, as a consequence, the increase in the number of clients themselves.

We can offer flexible support in communication 24/7 in different languages.

The cost of services for the support of specialists varies depending on different factors that will satisfy all the needs of the customer./p>

Administration of Telegram channel: channel promotion, maintaining activity in it, answering customers' questions - all that is required for the group to look “lively” and active day-and-night.

We know how to make the channel interesting!

The cost of services for the support of specialists varies depending on different factors that will satisfy all the needs of the customer.

Working with social networks will increase your brand awareness, create great interest in your product, give you constant communication with potential and existing customers.

Work with the most popular and readable social networks - most customers can be found there now! Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin - our groups in these networks are the most interesting and promoted.

We prepare and place posts about Project news, work with users, increasing their interest in the project, stimulating to learn about the Project and ask questions, we give answers to these users’ questions and process comments.

Full Package service - 40 EUR / day, 200 EUR/ week

Likes, reposts, comments only:

  • 0,014 EUR per like (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter)
  • 0,038 EUR per repost (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter)
  • 0,038 EUR per comment (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter)
  • Listing on 36 exchanges
  • Listing at Etherscan
  • Reply on comments in bitcointalk and cryptocompare

Our experience

Multi-lingual E-mail and chat support 24/7 and telegram groups for GST, P2PB2B, Coinsbit projects.

Working with forums bitcointalk, cryptocompare.

Our team

A team of young professionals with experience of more than a year in working with various cryptocurrency projects is ready to start work immediately. We do not need training, we understand the specifics of the market and its main trends, we are ready to share our experience and knowledge!

Our achievements

Answers to 1500 customer requests per month.

Handling 150 negative reviews monthly. Effective work with negative, atypical questions and situations.

From 1500 comments / likes / reposts during the month on each of our pages.

We can also offer you such services as:

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