Our call centre services designed for B2B & B2C companies


  • Telemarketing
  • Tech & customer support
  • E-mail and chat support
  • Business process as a service
  • Survey
  • Quality control service
  • Advertising services


In our world of rapidly developing technologies, we often use automated information sources without human intervention. This is convenient but not everyone can process this information quickly and choose whatever they need. In this case, the call centers come to help and they direct the client's path to the right decision. Nowadays, the services of outsourcing are vital; therefore, this line of business is rapidly developing.

One of such centers is our Dealist.Solutions center. Our phone answering services are widely in demand and we assist all comers. We have been working in this field for more than five years, and we consider our team to be a well-established, well-proven balanced group, ready for the most serious tests.

In what cases people need live communication with telecom operators

Live communication in any case is more effective than a simple search for information on the Internet. To do this, we have 800 answering services, in which specialists work in different fields. Years of work have shown that we can help in many different areas of human activity and solve many problems that previously seemed unsolvable. With the development of information technology, our planet has become more comfortable place where you can get in contact with people from all around the world almost immediately.

We are always ready to provide our services to small businesses, large companies, and individual entrepreneurs. In addition, in our call center you can solve private issues related to medicine, education, legislation, etc. Practice has shown that we solve problems from almost all areas of life.

It is impossible to fulfill the tasks immediately and make people happy, so we not only use real time reporting but we also apply to the recording facilities. You can be sure that we are ready to approach your problem seriously and you will receive full and exhaustive information on it.

Our Services

Regardless of the size of your business, use our order taking services and your organization will receive real help in supporting and developing the production of goods and services. When you contact us, you are our client and we begin to take an active part in your business. This means that your customers become our ones.

Our services include:

  1. Voice support where you receive an exhaustive answer to the question using the option of voice messages
  2. E-mail and chat support. If the question requires additional processing, you will receive the required information via electronic communication channels
  3. If you want, you can use services via live chat support
  4. Technical & customer support will help solve problems of site navigation
  5. Appointment setting will help you meet necessary people for the development of your business

Our experienced agents and leading technology will help you to raise sales of goods and services at your enterprise, attract investment and qualified personnel. You will receive all this for a small portion of your running costs.

Our competences also include:

  1. Telemarketing and customer support
  2. Business process as a service
  3. Social media monitoring services and surveys
  4. Quality control service, data entry and advertising services
  5. Translation and transcription

Dealist.Solutions is a call center that attracts with its customizable services; it provides excellent voice quality and the best specialists who know Ukraine and its place in the developing world like no other. In addition, the flexible outsourcing policy pursued in Ukraine regarding working with companies inside and outside the country makes their work more effective and attracts to the domestic market. The business we started five years ago have promises successful development We will develop and improve it further. To do this, there are good conditions, including broad international connections, the best software and people who are ready to grow with the company and beyond.