About us


Dealist.solutions, part of "Pivot" LTD, provides outsourcing solutions in the interests, on the instructions and on behalf of the General contractor.

Dealist.solutions specializes in direct interacting with perspective or current clients through the outgoing correspondence. That is why the companies which already work in this field and are interested in expanding their enterprises, intending to improve their sales marks while minimizing expenses and, at the same time, maintaining proper quality of services would be considering outsourcing some workload to the company such as ours.

Human Resources Department

The main mission of HR specialists is not only involvement of new experts but also full assistance in development and prosperity of the company! Among hundreds of applicants, we find those who will become a worthy member of our team, our goal is to enable people to do their favorite things and day after day to change the world around! Dealist Solutions is a big family, and exactly the HR department promotes its expansion. Together we are a strong developed team and developing we bring something new to this world!

Managers and Supervisors Department

The leading team defines success of work of any company eventually. Using resources inefficiently, even the most successful idea may be ruined. To the contrary, even with scarce resources in the competitive market the team of managers can achieve success if it is properly selected. The implementation of projects in Dealist Solutions is carried out by managers and supervisors who began their careers as operators. Beginning the work in the company, we developed the ability to respond to everyday challenge and solve complex problems. Ahead of us were opened career opportunities and possibilities for the development of individual professional potential. Unity of team, creativity, high staff motivation, great experience in various fields and focus on success allows us to implement projects.

Technological department

Uninterrupted service of your customers in Dealist Solutions is provided by a qualified team of the Contact center IT department. The department is engaged in introduction, development and support of computer and communication systems in all divisions of contact center. In its maintaining: technical providing the company (a set of several powerful servers, several backup communication channels, access to the Internet, more than one hundred automated workstations, computer networks, telephone communication systems, etc.).

Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department is a self-contained unit mostly focused on fulfilling quality requirements of various stages of a project in accordance with standards of an ordering customer as well as of internal regulations of an entity. QC independent job performance analysis is initiated apart of top-management on a regular basis. Therefore, it provides a full-scope staff evaluation through different perspectives, since those activities is based beyond quantity indexes (i.e. production speed and final output), but still on the customer service efficiency. QC key purposes (basic principles):
-Continual customer service improvement
-Increasing focus on small-scale issues
-Permanent educational effort