How to be a Better QM


15.12.2017, 13:48
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Less Problem Solving, More Problem Prevention

You have earned the right to be proud when your staff competently handles Customer queries.
But you serve a higher purpose when you stop and ask yourself – why do we get these queries in the first place?



The courage is required to solve this question.
The courage to get up, leave your desk, and traverse your organization to piece together the root causes of Customer contact.
Because for most Customer Care & Technical Support environments – the best contact is no contact.

The best Service Quality Managers focus exclusively on their internal Staff performance.

Less Compliance, More Inspiration

It’s so easy to get caught up in compliance.
Did Staff say the Customer’s name three times? Did they forget to turn off the mic?
Sure compliance matters – but it’s not the stuff of Staff inspiration or culture building.
In the best circumstances, Service Quality Managers help design ‘what kind’ of experience to deliver.
Then using vivid language, written with adults in mind, they create a ‘statement of experience’ that links the day to day activities of their Staff to the kind of experience the organization aims to deliver.
But crafting an inspirational statement of experience, while important is only one aspect of inspiration.
The best Service Quality Managers are also inspiring people.
What they speak about, the way they speak, the rituals they build into the lives of their Staff.

The best Service Quality Managers understand the impact of inspiration and harness it through how they behave and what they do.

More Journey, Less Destination

Embedding daily, weekly and monthly rituals & storytelling practices, keeps Service & Customer experience front and center in the lives of your Service Staff.
Look deeply into the frequency and intention of your rituals.
A once a year ‘Service Week’ or participation in an industry Awards activity, on their own, won’t be enough to effect profound change.
Whether it’s the morning huddle or a weekly Customer sharing session it’s important to keep Customers front and center in the minds of your Staff.
If you commit to a monthly/quarterly Service ritual – then stick to it.
And use the ritual to focus on Customers – not organizational announcements.
The best Service Quality Managers know that meeting & exceeding Customer expectations is a journey, not a destination.

They design & execute meaningful rituals that routinely bring Customers to life in the lives of their Staff & Organization.