• Audio transcription
  • Video transcription
  • Bilingual transcription
  • Business and specialized transcription


We document the information and make it available in any format. In the world of outsourcing, we call such operations ‘transcription’. At the customer’s pleasure, we can transcribe information into audio, video, or other types of files. The modern fast-moving world requires a special approach to translating information through various business channels. Businesspersons should do it accurately and quickly without any distortion. In the world of outsourcing, this is one of the most important tasks, from which the further work and prosperity of the enterprise depends directly.

Time and resources of enterprises and organizations to perform similar types of work are very limited. Therefore, the managers prefer to focus on the development of the main business. Eventually, they come to understanding that they cannot ignore transcription. Moreover, this operation becomes just necessary. The probability of making mistakes increases without transcription, which can lead to some serious consequences, and it may influence business development. There are cases when grateful customers say that only our participation helped their business fix a predicament and direct the company to the leading positions in the industry.

It is extremely important that this understanding has already come at an early stage of enterprise development. Often the cost of independent transcription is too high that is why it is necessary to have recourse to the services of professional experts. That enterprises focus on key areas and delegate transcription services to professional experts. The Dealist.Solutions Company is competent in transcription in every respect, and its specialists are able to manage any specialized process of transcription. Accurate fixation of all the moments of the important meeting or speech of the CEO, the signing of contracts and many other nuances will help you to adhere to the general business line. Some details that seemed insignificant to you in the future may prove to be crucial for conducting business operations and will help to make the only correct decision. Unmistakably transcribed documentary evidence will help your company develop its business and maintain excellent prospects for its development.

Stages and options

Outsourcing of transcription in Ukraine has passed one of the most important stages of its development, and the country has become one of the most important players of this type of activity in the world arena. During the years of the company's existence, a professional team has developed, which is familiar with operations on all types of transcription. Companies that transfer their documents to our company for outsourcing services save a good deal of time and money. Dealist.Solutions Company has been offering transcription-outsourcing services for the last 5 years and it easily copes with the needs of transcription of international companies.


Both the company and our dealers use advanced modern technologies and perform transcription outsourcing on time. The programmers have designed our software in such a way that we can perform the operations as accurately as possible. The absence of distortions improves the reputation of the company, which is under our trusteeship and long-term prospects of the enterprise development. Among the types of transcription that we conduct there are

  1. Audio transcription with voice recordings of important meetings
  2. Video transcription with visual evidence of important moments of the company's activities
  3. Bilingual transcription, which allows you to make an accurate translation, taking into account all the language realities.
  4. Business and specialized transcriptions, which fix the most important moments of business meetings, signing of contracts and features of life activity of the company.

We consider all kinds of the work in accordance with the technologies developed by the best world experts. Nowadays, our specialists bring them to perfection. Dealist Solutions Company being on the leadership positions in Ukraine is not going to stop its development and it is ready to improve the quality of its services to perfection.