Engineering services


  • CAD Conversion & migration services
  • 3D product animation
  • 3D modering and rendering services


Information technologies, without which the normal growth and development of an enterprise is impossible, compel large and small enterprises to keep pace with the times. To do this, it is necessary to take a large number of engineering solutions on which the enterprise depends, the development of the business and its future prospects. The main requirements for them are flexibility, innovation and reliability. While doing so, they must be profitable and effective. A rare enterprise has the resources for such success. If these resources are available, the team of specialists working to achieve this goal will cost you too much. Company Dealist. Solutions is ready to help you develop and improve this field of activity. Competent interaction with us will become one of the main components of the successful operation of the company if you turn to us for help.

The modern market environment is so dynamic that most businesses cannot do without interaction with advanced outsourcing companies as Dealist.Solutions. Our engineering services are best suited to the rhythm of hard work in the construction and development of business. The best specialists who have passed the competitive review in Ukraine and who had the opportunity of fruitful practice abroad will work on your technical projects. Our clients work not only in our country but they also apply for our services from abroad. Engineering services, guarantee the qualified support in accordance with achievements of modern technologies.

We are going to provide you with not only engineering developments but also you can get the opportunity to work with modern applications. They become elements of the development of your business, making it profitable, efficient and dynamic.

Sufficient competence

It is impossible to engage in engineering without sufficient competence. Learning all the intricacies of conducting this important activity consume too much time. In addition, you will need to attract additional resources in the form of software and technical expertise. By deciding to interact with Dealist.Solutions, you will rid yourself of unnecessary hassle, which is often too costly for your business. Engineering services, entrusted to our company, will work for your enterprise without incurring unnecessary costs. Our experience, knowledge and skills in this area, supported by software will ensure the effective operation of your enterprise.

Sphere of activity

We are one of the main Ukrainian providers of outsourcing services in the field of engineering. In the sphere of our activity, there is interaction with such organizations as

  1. Aerospace companies
  2. Pharmaceutical laboratories and factories
  3. Medical institutions
  4. Factories and plants

You will have the opportunity to interact with inexpensive offshore suppliers, which helps in participating in CAD conversion & migration services, 2D development. In addition, 3D modering and rendering services, planning of sales areas and many other activities with the use of cutting-edge technologies will become available for you. In modern business, engineering services are not only widely in demand but they are just necessary. The Dealist.Solutions Company is ready to take care of all your worries about the development of the engineering component of your business.

We have already earned a high reputation in Ukraine and became reliable partners for many small and large enterprises in the outsourcing of engineering services. Our strict security measures for partner data, personnel, computer networks and confidential information create a secure environment necessary for successful business. We develop individual engineering solutions for each enterprise and they meet all the needs for engineering support. We bring all the submitted projects to the logical conclusion, which allows increasing the dynamics of the enterprise development. The affordable prices for our services make it possible to free up funds for the development of production, sales and the market of services.