Teambuilding in the office


10.05.2017, 21:43

Tips for teambuilding in the office

One way to increase the efficiency of teams and increase the motivation of employees is team building in the office.To create a unified and cohesive team, add to it an element of competition, with an interesting pastime possible! With the help of team building everything that it would seem impossible becomes quite real.

Advantages of teambuilding in the office:

  1. Significant savings of funds, as teambuilding pass within the walls of the company’s office, which saves money for the lease of territory, transportation, food, etc.
  2. The warm friendly atmosphere of his team, thanks to a familiar room, helps participants not to experience such discomfort as after a long, tedious road, unknown surroundings, and an unfamiliar place. Opportunity to celebrate various celebrations at the office.
  3. Improving the psychological climate in the team, plus the ability to conduct team building without disrupting the work schedule. Involvement of all participants, both women and men, regardless of age, nationality and other characteristics. In an office environment, incidental situations related to changes in weather conditions are excluded. A variety of subjects, security in the office, holding at any time of the year, and simplicity in the organization.


Options for office teambuilding:

  • Team teambuilding.
  • Culinary Teambuilding.
  • Intellectual games.
  • Entertaining games.


Team teambuilding has a unique ability to disclose the various features of employees and increase the cohesion of employees, as together they solve certain, set tasks. Culinary Teambuilding includes cooking dishes of different cuisine. Thus, the participant works individually, while actively cooperating with the team, which is also very important in the process of work. Intellectual team building will teach the team to make decisions in conditions of lack of information and time. The program of entertaining team building will help simply to distract from work, and to have a rest in the favorite collective.


Teambuilding helps them get to know the team and learn something new about their colleagues. This experience can be very useful, especially in teamwork and in making collective decisions. Also, many just had a pleasant time. Although this is not the main goal of team building, we will not deny that such a result is also important, because a rested employee with a good mood works much more productively.


Teambuilding in our latitudes is just beginning to gain popularity. But already now the majority of employees, especially young people, are very receptive to such events and do not mind taking regular part in them.


In our office, team building is applied. We also hold corporate parties on holidays, several times a month colleagues are offended in order to play games such as Alias, Mafia, etc.


In general, office team building in any case will help to accomplish certain tasks, such as: identifying leaders among employees, forming an idea of ​​the team, relaxing from routine work, removing psychological tension.